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Redline Performance Bar 2011

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Best Redline Performance Bar 2011

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  • Best Redline Performance Bar 2011
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Best Redline Performance Bar

The Redline Performance Bar combines the best features and safety systems from our 09 bar lineup into one unbeatable bar. With safety and set-up options simple enough for the absolute beginner to understand yet with enough versatility and hardcore build quality to satisfy even the most demanding
experienced rider, it's guaranteed to set the standard for years to come.

The Redline Performance Bar uses our new 'Click-it' chickenloop quick-release, simply push up on the ergonomically shaped self locking cuff to activate the Redline safety and instantly depower your kite. Rebuilding the chickenloop after activation is just as easy, just push the chickenloop line home
and snap the outer cuff shut. With an integral swivel sitting on top of the chickenloop assembly untwisting your lines and swapping between hooked-in and unhooked riding just got a whole lot easier. This is the perfect bar for riders of all levels who demand the most reliable and predictable safety system but still need all the features our previous bars have had to offer.

A dual-depower center line with integral moulded stopper allows you to trim the bar position, taking the strain so you can concentrate on your next move. The Redline safety system passes directly through the center of the stopper ball, providing a safety override regardless of how you use the
stopper. A dual front line safety set-up ensures that your kite depowers safely and lands ready to be relaunched as quickly as possible. Riders who require to completely kill their kite can opt to use the rear line OSR handles instead of the chickenloop mounted Redline safety. Advanced riders can
choose to use the suicide leash connection by clipping their safety over the chickenloop line. Flying lines are 700lb/320kg rated, colour coded for easy set-up and proven to offer incredibly low stretch and amazing durability; the rear flying lines can be trimmed to allow compensation for your preferred bar position or when using the bar with kites from previous product years. An above the bar pull-pull trim strap provides easy depower trimming in flight.

One bar for all kites, the Standard has been set.

Best Redline Performance Bar saftey release

The chickenloop is comprised of 3 main parts, outer cuff, swivel and chickenloop housing. The chickenloop housing is a composite moulded part that consists of a main body part with a small, flexible hinged section. The swivel is made of two parts that are screwed together over the extended neck of the chickenloop housing. Sliding the outer cuff down over the chickenloop housing and swivel holds the chickenloop line captive by means of an incredibly simple 3D lock and key. The outer cuff is retained in this position by a low tolerance snap fit. The release pressure of the QR is defined by the snap fit between outer cuff and chickenloop housing; this is completely independent of flying line tension and does not increase with increased front line tension.  

Push Safety Release

A one piece, injection moulded quick release with push-to-release outercuff ensures reliable and easy safety system activation. With no mechanical internal parts there's nothing to foul to inhibit safe operation, ensuring reassembly is just as fast and as easy as activation.

Best Redline Performance Bar Safety Release


Forged Center

A drop forged alloy bar center replaces the swaged center bushings used on previous bars. With an oversized, smooth polished and elliptically flared center hole depower line wear is almost completely eliminated on the Redline Performance Bar. The new design also allows the EVA bar grip to run right up to the center hole, making unhooked kite control just that little bit more secure than before.

Best Redline Performance Bar Forged Center


Stopper Ball

Our 3 into 1 Dual Depower stopper ball allows for all flying lines to pass through it giving you all the benefits of our well established stopper ball design bars as well as the safety and bypass functionality of our previous Redline bar design.

Best Redline Performance Bar Stopper Ball


Safety Leash

We have replaced the older snap-gate Karabiner design and replaced it with a lower profile, easier to hook and unhook spring gate design. Because the spring gate is self-tensioning and made from heavy chromed stainless, it'll be as smooth after a full season's use as it was the day you purchased it.

Best Redline Performance Bar Safety Leash


Redline Safety System

The Redline safety leash connects you directly to the front lines of your kite, allowing you to completely depower your kite. The Redline safety overrides the depower stopper ball automatically whenever you drop the bar or activate the 'Click-it' QR.

Best Redline Performance Bar Redline Safety


Under Bar Swivel

A low friction swivel, shaped with male/female fit for the underside of the bar, helps to keep everything locked in placed when unhooking and makes untwisting your lines easier than ever before. Designed to be easy to clean the new swivel can be flushed out after use and stripped in seconds for a full service should it ever become necessary.

Best Redline Performance Bar Swivel


Adjustable Back Lines

The Redline Performance bar comes with adjustable back line trim. A short rear leader line positioned inside the bar end floats has 3 different knot locations allowing you to trim the rear line lengths to balance the L&R rear line lengths or to optimize your bar for different kites

Best Redline Performance Bar Adjustable Back Lines


The 2010 QR has been designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible, there are no mechanical parts, no metal load bearing surfaces, no pivots and no requirement for complex reassembly. The parts fit together in such a way that contamination with salt and sand makes no difference to activation of the QR and it can be reassembled with the kite still partially powered due to the simplicity of the design and easy ergonomics of the chickenloop parts.

Redline Performance Bar Safety

Unlike many push-to-release systems the 'Click-it' QR can still be activated even if you have managed to wrap a flying line over your depower lines. The action of the QR is not inhibited by wrapping the depower lines with your flying lines as the QR cuff does not need to extend past the swivel. Additionally the swivel itself is smooth sided with an upwards taper so that if you were unlucky enough to wrap your line around the top of the swivel they will simply slide off. Should you manage to wrap your flying lines around the QR cuff the QR will still function as intended.

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